Mr. Grey

Apparently, depression isn’t real, or so we’re led to believe, or at best it’s just a trumped up version of melancholy for society’s weakest to band about as a modern day ‘bad back’ disclaimer, some Monopoly get out of jail free card we can swipe at our employers, as though we’re waiting in line at... Continue Reading →


Let me take you on a journey, to a time before GHDs, when curtains and blond tips were all the rage for boys and Sister Unella wouldn’t cry out ‘shame’ behind you if you donned a scrunchie. When crimping was ‘in’ and it was de rigueur to style yourself on Madonna’s 80s look. So many... Continue Reading →


Fear not, I’m not about to launch into Usher’s RnB classic – wouldn’t be a good move, I’m tone deaf for a start and I have a flat foot along with two left feet! No, instead for some strange reason I feel the need to confess my truths and hopefully, contrary to Jack Nicholson’s assertions,... Continue Reading →


Lunar tide squalls I dive an ocean with no floor Shells scrape underfoot No one reads internal cuts Dying stars wink shores to sleep Shackled bodies sinking deep Waterlogged lungs weep secrets in vain As souls release prisoners unnamed

Souls of Glass

Impulsive fingertips grope the dark eagerly awaiting morning lark Limbs poised though to dart while whispers numb a racing heart Teeth gnash, jaws clench the poison spreads its stench Echoes shiver through broken veins shadow tongues resume their reign But all this pain eventually will pass as time protects souls of glass  

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