Sleep is one of the few companions Aaron Hart has left and even its choice visits have become less frequent.  Shadowed by a disquiet and haunted by the loved ones he has committed to earth, his limbs twitch fitfully in slumber, insulated by a makeshift blanket of words.  Yet when a shrill cry pierces his fractured rest and the world as he knows it threatens to unravel, he will do anything but deny his aid.

A quiet voice cautions where there is one, there will be many, and the many will want to be led.

For on this night, the sky promises as many monsters as stars.

Hushed hours breathe flesh upon shadow and an evil as old as time itself stirs as the fine gossamer veil of our mortality begins to fray.

Before dusk can haunt empty silhouettes, Aaron will discover there are others.

Others who will rise for what is just.  Others who hide themselves in plain sight yet are anything but ordinary and one who stands apart, a gatekeeper, a bridge between this world and the next.

One made of equal parts cloth and bone, flesh and dirt.

One who will teach them, that what is dead, cannot die.


My debt novel Driftwood is now available to pre-order in Kindle Store or free on Kindle Unlimited using the following link:


and will also be available in paperback format on Halloween

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