An extravaganza is a literary or musical work characterized by freedom of style and structure; I know, I’ve checked (thank crunchie for Google!).

Given Easter is peeking out just around the corner I thought it would be nice to say hello (yes that’s me coyly waving from behind your neighbour’s wheelie bin) and let you know I’ve uncharacteristically decided to try and be more generous in celebration of the occasion.

As I can’t physically peddle my wares so to speak, and besides, like Joey Tribbiani I don’t share food, particularly not confectionary, I thought I would give you something else instead; my words….a good few thousand of them, you may need to invest in a wheelbarrow or two.

I figured if you’re anything like me, you approach Easter eggs with the same philosophy as meal times; little and often, hence I have been known to gorge more than 10 Cadbury crème eggs in a single sitting (what can I say it’s one of many gifts). So, I thought whilst you’re wedged in the sofa over the bank holiday weekend, subdued by a cocoa induced coma, you might fancy a read?

But where’s the catch I hear you mutter skeptically? Genuinely there is none. All that I ask, if you are inclined to pick up a free copy of my book Driftwood on kindle is that you leave a review. There, I said it, well not so much said as typed, incredibly quick, I clattered those keys just now like I was about to rip off a particularly adhesive plaster. Even Jessica Fletcher herself would have been impressed!

There’s no small print, no hidden charges, not even the classic ‘Ts & Cs’. It’s not as if I’m going to do an Annie Wilkes and hold you hostage until you change your mind, although I am fond of sledgehammers and I do love to browse hardware stores……

So, there you have the long and short of it. I’m not about to cajole you into bitcoin shares that even the travel agents won’t exchange, and I’m not cold calling you for new windows or PPI. This is just a short overhead tannoy from your captain to announce that from Thursday 18th April to Monday 22nd April, my debut novel, a paranormal romance, is available to download here for free on kindle and I would love it if you fancied checking it out and leaving a review.

Either way have a fab weekend.

Over and out.

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