Souls of Glass

Impulsive fingertips grope the dark eagerly awaiting morning lark Limbs poised though to dart while whispers numb a racing heart Teeth gnash, jaws clench the poison spreads its stench Echoes shiver through broken veins shadow tongues resume their reign But all this pain eventually will pass as time protects souls of glass  


Taut skin and heartstrings You left me Hope begins to pass with each impression of the looking glass Time contracts as do I Close your eyes, stay awhile Hush my babies Eternal lullaby

Half Light

Moonlit scars, rapid breaths, parchment lids welcome velvet rest. Chests arise, oceans fall; fatigued limbs still to half light call. Memories play beneath the skin, an urge of unknown origin. Dawn breaks over weary bones, old wounds settle home. Pendulums swing, clocks tick, there is no limit to a heart's stitch.

The Fall

A clockwork of precision; a cauldron of conflict The decaying well into which smudges of our past selves reside Pastured acrobats grasping velvet tongues, plummeting the finite dark No ground to break us or earth to steal our flesh Suspended bodies crushed by time Parchment skin falling from aged bones Alone we enter Collectively we... Continue Reading →

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