Funny Bones

The one label I’m proud to wear is that of ‘geek’.  It’s a badge I wear with pride cultivated through obsessively watching the likes of Tales From The Crypt, Fringe and the X-Files, and basically doing a Cathy Bates over anything and everything that sparked my imagination. To further evidence my claim I will confess... Continue Reading →

Souls of Glass

Impulsive fingertips grope the dark eagerly awaiting morning lark Limbs poised though to dart while whispers numb a racing heart Teeth gnash, jaws clench the poison spreads its stench Echoes shiver through broken veins shadow tongues resume their reign But all this pain eventually will pass as time protects souls of glass  

Let’s just imagine that in some parallel universe my devoted catholic virginal bride mother had a bonk with Hugh Jackman (because let’s face it – who wouldn’t?!).  This quantum leap union of souls giving credence to my growing suspicion that I am actually the secret love child of Wolverine.  I can back it up people... Continue Reading →

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