Autumn’s breath

Autumn's breath Tapered nails Hearth a work of witches tales Marked by magic Burnt by flame Candles worship unashamed Birds gather Black as coal A crimson smile For all souls


Damp moss grouts the bed Lonely slate overhead A snap of twigs underfoot Flowers wither where you lay Beating wings chime the day A sigh of grief for your loss Cold tears sign the cost

Sleepy Briar

Damp fires stoke course skin Moonlight choir of dusk spring Fractured hour of dawn mass Buried wounds line shallow grass Nestled in sleepy briar Blackened bones of loves pyre


If ever there was a season for magic it is autumn. Copper leaves shiver to ground; nature composing a last encore of golden hues before all is seemingly lost to the barren embrace of winter. Though even in the hallowed bowels of decay, shallow breath whispers hope. I used to walk in the closing months... Continue Reading →

The Wolf’s Bed

Torn palms Hollowed chest Dawn halo Shadowed breast   Fern brush Wet fur Silver light Fireflies stir   Aching heart of cobwebs Ragged claws Silt ebbs   Needles spin Silken gauze Earth mouths A human form   Coarse pelt A promise shed As whispers line The wolf's bed

Lovers Breath

Spectral touch Miniature death Body unsheathed Familiar caress   Redundant womb Alight in haste Rekindled by knowing chase   Stolen breath Rapture bound Soul bequest to stone shroud   Timid steps cement her place Where before life erased   Emerald moss lines the bed Silently awaiting lovers breath

Chestnut Crown

Mottled sky Damp skin Earth blanket Feminine   Rainpour Barefoot Chestnut crown and papercuts   Night bleeds into day Shadow winds smite¬†their prey   Paths appear cut through vine Awaiting her enveloped by twine   As weary souls collect for bed, Resigned to one made of thread.    


Gnarled fingers probe the sky Bare arms shower passersby Eyebrows heavyset with bark Watch with envy couples lark Leaves shiver to ground Roots eager to be found Moonlit limbs outstretched Greedily devour lovers breath Entombed silhouette

Rag Lady

Time stills Clocks Rest Frozen air lights shallow breath   Toes numb with dread Resigned to follow One made of thread   Knuckles clenched Jaw taut Committed to the last walk   Such cunning serpentine He treads her path weaved of vine   Atop a mound of earth she waits Hands plead when prior would... Continue Reading →


Lunar tide squalls I dive an ocean with no floor Shells scrape underfoot No one reads internal cuts Dying stars wink shores to sleep Shackled bodies sinking deep Waterlogged lungs weep secrets in vain As souls release prisoners unnamed

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