Period Pants

I feel like I should begin this with a disclaimer for guys, but then why bother?  Guys spend so much time pre-occupied by pussy but drop the word ‘vagina’ or ‘menstruation’ and suddenly they’re repulsed?!  But my contempt isn’t reserved for men, I even keep one for myself – the devil makes work for idle... Continue Reading →

The Booby Prize

Guys I get it, as a woman I totally relate to why you’re so captivated by knockers – those hypnotic fun bags of joy could keep the best of us entranced for hours.  What’s not to love eh?!  But, from a woman’s perspective, more specifically mine, I’ve found there to be a few drawbacks. Firstly,... Continue Reading →

Let’s just imagine that in some parallel universe my devoted catholic virginal bride mother had a bonk with Hugh Jackman (because let’s face it – who wouldn’t?!).  This quantum leap union of souls giving credence to my growing suspicion that I am actually the secret love child of Wolverine.  I can back it up people... Continue Reading →

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