Scar Tissue

I was a clumsy kid; some things don’t change.  I’ve lost count of the fractures I accumulated in my early years, but it never bothered me.  At that age you attained almost celebrity status once that magical cast was set over your damaged limb.  Suddenly kids you never knew couldn’t wait to pen their name... Continue Reading →

Grey Worm

I know what you’re thinking; what does that fitty from GoT have to do with accepting your body, but that exquisite example of prime time jailbait is the namesake for my pelvic floor tear which for years I avoided touching, let alone braving the mirror #thelaceswereintheywerein (honestly it looked like a blind man had used... Continue Reading →

The Booby Prize

Guys I get it, as a woman I totally relate to why you’re so captivated by knockers – those hypnotic fun bags of joy could keep the best of us entranced for hours.  What’s not to love eh?!  But, from a woman’s perspective, more specifically mine, I’ve found there to be a few drawbacks. Firstly,... Continue Reading →

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